Gábor Kalmár

Electrical engineer, MSc.

Software Developer

Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Bibó István High School

City: Kiskunhalas, Budapest

Date of Birth: 1989

Professional interests: embedded systems

Hobbies: exercise, creating, reading


My interest in technology was fuelled by the fact that my father involved me as a carpenter's apprentice in his small carpentry jobs from a very young age. He said that I was the one who gave him the tools. I was also a great help to my mum, because while my contemporaries were playing with ordinary things, I was assembling the vacuum cleaner and straightening the power cable so that the electricity didn't have to 'bend' so much. The desire to create and to improve has always been my life, because if I can't do something, I train myself until I have that knowledge. I first saw a wiring diagram in an electronics book when I was in high school and I was very confused that I didn't understand any of it. So I became an electrical engineer. Later I was also bothered by the fact that I couldn't program microcontrollers. So I became an embedded software developer.