Xtalin Engineering Ltd.

Csepreg, Hungary

Csepreg-based company with a branch in Budapest, coordinator of the project.

Xtalin Ltd. has been developing electronic devices and electrically driven vehicle systems for both domestic and foreign partners since 2010. The standards of Xtalin Kft. are unique in Hungary in this field. The excellent technical references of Xtalin Ltd. are of great importance for the development of the electronics curriculum, as they ensure the creation of a curriculum with real-life practical examples, based on correct theoretical foundations.

ELTE Bolyai János Practice Primary and Secondary Grammar School

Szombathely, Hungary

Type: primary school, secondary school, four-grade school

Students in grade 9-12.: 399

The ELTE Bolyai János Practice Primary and Secondary Grammar School is one the most prestigious educational institutions of Szombathely having 12 grades and ties to Eötvös Loránd University.

The two most important aspects of the school’s educational program are value- and personality-centered education and emphasis of merit. This creates a school environment in which personality, talent, knowledge and hard work earns respect, and in which teacher-student cooperation is fundamentally important. In the curriculum the balance between classical arts and humanities, languages, and STEM subjects is determining, while nurturing talent is an exceptionally important aspect.

The institution is highly successful in the education of science, mathematics, computer science, foreign languages, literature, and history. This is not only shown by internal examination results and the highly successful university application statistics of the students, but also by remarkable successes in regional, national and international competitions.

Beside high-quality education the school places great emphasis on students acquiring positive values in everyday school life and during teacher-student interactions which are at least as important for a successful life as up to date lexical knowledge. Students have to opportunity to be a part of the colorful student life and take part in many sport activities after school. Lectures are held by highly qualified teachers who are taking part in university research, the spirit developing in students during joint work is the biggest strength of the institution. The school doubles as a training institution for the university as well, the courses run by the school and the university together are attended by numerous teachers every year. This leads to the school having an everyday life open to the professional and the general public.

Supplies in the institution are closely following the latest requirements of modern education. The school has 32 classrooms, 5 specialized classrooms, a laboratory complex with 3 units, a library boasting of more than 35 thousand items, 2 sports halls, a swimming pool, and an event venue, which all ensure that students have access to everything during their education and that the school can even host larger events of the city.


Bolyai Farkas High School

Târgu Mureș, Romania

Type: primary school (grades 0-4), high school (grades 5-8), liceum (grades 9-12)

Students in grade 9-12.: 979

The Bolyai Farkas High School in Târgu Mureș is the largest institution of the strategic partnership. The Protestant College of Târgu Mureș was funded in 1557. Farkas Bolyai was the most famous professor of the mathematics-physics-chemistry faculty of the institution, on the 100th anniversary of his death the institution announced during the series of memorial events that it will take on the name of Bolyai. The main goal of the school is convert faith into action which has been the goal since foundation.

The main mission of the physics department – beside teaching students to have a modern, logical way of thinking – is to show students the importance of physics in understanding nature, the importance of practical applications, and prepare them for their further specialized studies in the field. Beside classic methods of teaching there is a great emphasis on performing experiments which has a long tradition in the institution reaching back to Farkas Bolyai himself. If the subject of the experiment is a phenomenon that is too fast or slow to observe, or the experiment is too expensive, too dangerous, too complicated to perform, or requires specialized equipment then the lessons are made more interesting with computer simulations, mobile applications, and webcam-based measurements.

The Bolyai Farkas High School has two classes specialized in mathematics and informatics in every grade, one of which has supplementary intensive English lessons and the other has supplementary intensive informatics lessons. In these specialized classes the students can learn informatics through both hands-on experience and traditional lessons in theory. The students learn programming in C and C++ languages, database management, and web development (Oracle, MySQL, and PHP). The classes are held in four classrooms with modern equipment. Every students studies the basics of computer science and informatics in the mandatory subject called “Technology of Informatics and Communication”. Additional subjects are available in which students can learn web development, network management, image processing, and robot control. Students can test their knowledge in the Romanian national “Calculus” competition which has programmer and applied informatics categories. The informatics teachers of the school all have Certiport and Oracle certifications, and the school has an EDCL examination center as well.

Improving the competitiveness of their students is a prominent goal of the institution for which the electronics curriculum can be very useful.


Pro Ratio Foundation

Šamorín, Slovakia

Type: foundation

The foundation was created in November 1994. From 2005 with the help of the foundation the Madách Imre High School was able to install modern informatics systems in several classrooms and purchase modern digital materials that increase the quality of education. The foundation also helps students participate in competitions, where the best receives prizes, helps and organize study trips.


Madách Imre High School working in cooperation with Pro Ratio Foundation

Šamorín, Slovakia

Type: four and eigh-graded high school

Students in grade 9-12.: 115

The Madách Imre High School in Šamorín is a well-known and respected institution of the upper Žitný ostrov region with a history of more than half a century. Its main goal is that students form valuable human connections, and become well-rounded in languages, arts and sports. The institution is supported by the Pro Ratio Foundation and the local office of the Hungarian Parents Association of Slovakia.

The high-quality education is made possible by classrooms with modern equipment, every classroom has a projector. The mathematics and informatics classrooms are fitted with smartboards and give students the opportunity of using informatics and communication technologies, and the internet. Currently the school offers the following extra-curricular activities and clubs: mathematics, programming, chemistry, biology, first-aid, geography, history, literature, esthetics, archery, sport. The specialized classrooms and the main hall make it possible to test the electronics curriculum in the institution.