Dávid Kulcsár

Electrical engineer, MSc.

Software Development Engineer
/Thyssenkrupp Presta Hungary Ltd./

Previous workplaces:

Xtalin Ltd. - developer

Formula Student East competition - scrutineer

Prisontek Ltd - developer

BME Formula Racing Team – Electric team member


Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics – Electrical engineer – BSc. and MSc.

Katholische Theresienschule, Berlin (Germany) - 3 months of study abroad with a high school

Bolyai János High School (Kecskemét) - mathematics – informatics faculty

City: Budapest

Date of birth: 1993

Professional interests: embedded systems, image processing

Hobbies: running, exercise, hiking, professional development


"Scientists explore the existing world, engineers create a new one."

For a long time I didn't know what career I wanted to choose, what field I wanted to work in. During my high school years, my private German teacher was always very enthusiastic about steering me towards a career in electrical engineering. Eventually she succeeded. To this day I am grateful to her for helping me find my place.

I hope there will be students for whom this book will help them to choose engineering as a career.