Tamás Pepó

Electical engineer, MSc.

Head of development - Realtime Control
/KUKA Hungária Kft./


Previously: Engineer (safey critical railway systems) /Prolan Irányítástechnikai Zrt./, Head system integrator /Prolan Irányítástechnikai Zrt./

Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, SZTE Ságvári Endre High School, Szeged

City: Szeged/Budapest

Date of Birth: 1990

Professional interests: RTOS, embedded systems, real time data processing, software design, design patters, project- and people management, mentoring

Hobbies: Basketball, tennis, table tennis, taking in visuals of mood lights and water fountains, history of tanks and wars

"My motto: First the culprit, then the solution!”


At a young age I was very interested in mathematics and thankfully I was good at it, so I was thinking about maybe becoming a mathematician. Around that time, it occurred to me it might be a good idea to earn money as well or I will never have a BMW, so I became an engineer instead. Why electrical engineering? This was the field where I felt that I can utilize my talent in mathematics the best. This is a hard profession; the university requires a lot of effort but believe me it is worth it. That I ended up in software development today is because of the possibilities for abstraction in software design. This is a creative job, almost an art. Despite this I believe it is not possible to write good software without knowing the underlying hardware as well. Be it a safety-critical railway system or a robot operating system there were always some questions that required knowledge about the physical realization, the hardware.