Máté Preinsperger 

Electrical engineer, BSc.

Development Engineer
/Xtalin Ltd./


Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


Date of Birth: 1996

Professional interestselectric vehicles, IoT, embedded systems, analogue circuits

Hobbies: Electric skateboarding, leather working, reading


"A live wire looks just like one that is not live, only with a different grip!"

I have always been attracted to engineering. Even in primary school I loved playing with wires, batteries and light bulbs. I only became friends with hobby electronics later, in the first years of secondary school. My first circuit was an LM386 amplifier. At the time I didn't understand why those components were needed and in that order. This curiosity gave me the final push towards electrical engineering, for which I have been very grateful ever since. It's hard to put into words the experience of turning a bunch of parts into a working electronics system, or an application running on a few hundred thousand characters. Fascinating, exciting, exhilarating - perhaps these are the closest terms, but I encourage everyone to try and put it into their own words!