Endre Szesztay

Electrical engineer, MSc.

Biomedical engineer MSc.


Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, both times

City: Törökbálint

Date of Birth: 1968

Professional interests: everything

Hobbies: it changes all the time, currently mountain bike and wall climbing

"I’m not playing the lottery because I would always choose the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and they never win anyways"


I’m one of those people who already knew what the want to be in elementary school. Back then I was still a terrible student, but somehow, I still managed to become an engineer. Since then I had worked on both high-power switching devices (120 000 V, 2500 A) and low power medical equipment (<1 mV, <1 nA), and at my current job we are developing server motherboard (GHz-s, GBytes, Gbit/s-s). At a side job I have a company where we are developing and manufacturing electric drives and motors.

I was always different than my friends who have the same interest as I have never built a circuit that I have seen in a book just those that were – at least in part – my own design. This way is was way harder to achieve success, but I always knew how the thing I built worked (or so I thought). Somehow it never bothered me that it did not worked the first time. This is my advice for you: create your own path, and never fear of making mistakes.