Máté Trádler

Electrical engineer, MSc.

Software engineer
/Thyssenkrupp Presta Hungary Kft./



Previous workplaces: Engineer /Xtalin Kft./ 

Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics – Electrical engineer – BSc and MSc, Vörösmarty Mihály High School (Érd) - mathematics – physics faculty

City: Érd

Date of Birth: 1994

Professional Interest: embedded systems, controllers, automotive industry

Hobbies: Wall climbing, swimming, self-improvement, teaching


In the past I only took everything apart only to not understand how they worked thus I was not able to fix them. Today this has changed a little, I understand some of it, but I still can’t fix them. :D

Ever since I was little, I gravitated towards an engineering carrier. I always took my toys apart and tried to put them back together, fix them, or “improve” them with varying levels of success. I think I always knew the general direction, but electrical engineering only started to come up towards the end of high school. I found electrical engineering the most challenging because at physics classed I always thought electrical concepts are difficult to grasp.

During my university years I have taken part in many team competitions where I had the change to try myself and my knowledge, while gathering experience. I always loved working with my friends, designing, and solving problems together, these helped me learn a lot. My first actual step towards a carrier was coming in contact with Xtalin Ltd. during my internship, where I got the change to convert my theoretical knowledge from university into practical knowledge. Later I did my thesis work at the company, which gave me even more valuable knowledge and experience. During my university years I tutored elementary, high school and university students, and I feel that teaching has become very important to me as I love to do it and help others. This is another reason why I feel happy that I can become the part of your learning, and I hope that you will have as much joy reading these lines as I had writing them.