Szabolcs Veréb

Electrical engineer, PhD student



Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Dugonics András Piarist High School (Szeged)

City: Budapest, Csantavér (Serbia)

Date of Birth: 1991

Professional interests: power electronics, electrical machines, microcontrollers, audio technics

Hobbies: cycling, tinkering

Superpower: bald


When I was a child, I was always around my father’s machine shop, as I was amazed by technology. During high school I started to learn about electronics as a hobby. I had some failures from which I have learned a lot, and I had some successes with DIY gadgets. At first, I was building audio amplifiers, and later I came in contact with the world of microcontrollers. The stuff I had learned back then still proves useful in my professional life, it has truly worth the time and money invested in building and it was fun as well. I am always thinking about some new gadget that can make if not the world than at least my surroundings a little better, more comfortable or more interesting. I advise all young people to look for the little sparks of interest in them, because these sparks can be turned into a roaring fire that looks for novelty and innovation.