Viktor Vincze

Electrical engineer, MSc.

Project Manager, Engineer
/Diatron Mi. Zrt./


Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Batsányi János High School

City: Budapest

Date of birth: 1987

Hobbies: running, thai box, cooking, reading, android

Even when I was a child, I took everything apart, but then I still had some trouble with putting them back together. It took many years of work and studying to be somewhat confident in the world of electronics. Before the age of internet information was way more valuable, if you wanted to understand the inner workings of something it was an adventure on its own to find the right book. Today the opposite is true, almost any information is available very fast, but finding a structure in them is a real challenge. I hope that this curriculum will help in that regards as well, providing a stable foundation that can be built upon.