Crystal Clear Electronics 2

An innovative electronics curriculum with real-world examples and step-by-step instructions from basic mathematics to programming microcontrollers and basic control applications.


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Recommended for students and hobbyists, ideal for extracurricular courses or self-study.

The list of chapters and the 27 engineer authors:

 1. Number Representations, History of
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
 - Tamás Pepó
 2. Advanced Microcontroller Types, ARM Cortex Cores  - Máté Preinsperger
 3. Low-Level Programming in C Language,
Process of Compilation
 - Zsolt Thamó
 4. STM Programming Environment: CubeIDE, ST-Link  - Szabolcs Hadarics
 5. Hardware Abstraction Layer  - Virág Erzsébet Szűcs
 6. Debugging and Analysis (JTAG és SWD)  - Tamás Horváth, Gergely Lágler
 7. I/O Ports of the Microcontroller  - Kristóf Csököly
 8. Serial Communication Lines Part I.
- I2C, SPI
 - Béla Szabó
 9. Human-Machine Interface (7-Segment,
Alphanumerical, Graphical Displays)
 - Dávid Kulcsár
 10. Serial Communication Lines Part II.
 - Dániel Csapó
11.  A-D Conversion  - Máté Trádler
12.  D-A Conversion  - Viktor Vincze, Gábor Baracsi
13. Sensor Types and Their Applications  - Botond Csathó
14. Calibration of Sensors  - Gergely Palotás
15. Counter and Timer Units, WDT  - János Szalay
16. Real Time Clock  - Gábor Kalmár
17. Control of Motors  - Dániel Szabó
18. P, PI, PD, PID Controllers  - Gergő Herángli
19. Implementing Simple P and PI Controllers  - Ádám Szabó
20. Power Requirements of Microcontrollers  - László Iványi
21. Simple Real-Time Operating Systems  - Endre Szesztay
22. Using a Real-Time Operating System (FreeRTOS)  - Csaba Apró
23. File Systems, SD Card  - Szabolcs Veréb, Péter Buzás
24. Complex Summary Application Using
Examples From the Course Material
 - Péter Girgász